Wabs Chips Pouch Packaging Design

It all started from the friendship of two passionate Hyderabadi girls who always wish to experience life's not-so-obvious things. Anusha and Divya, the founders of "Wabs", on their trip to South East Asia to overlook some local tropical munchies, found one plant-based chip filled with strong flavour and crunchiness.It was the root from the cassava plant – the tapioca they found there. The incident made them think a lot regarding the scope of implementing these chips in the Indian market.

Though tapioca is profusely grown in India with the best-graded quality, it has yet to be explored extensively. Craving to implement something unique, they develop Tapioca chips with a twist in the Indian market.

When the founders approached DesignerPeople, they had the strategy to create something unique that would be entirely new for the Indian market, especially in the chips category. They focus on creating a new brand identity with a striking logo and packaging design.


  • Creating a bold logo that can be seen from anywhere and is highly recognized was a challenge as they planned for a new segment in the Indian market.
  • To create a classy design to create strong brand awareness for the brand and products as they were in a niche segment.
  • To create a pattern or overall design with proper content that makes the customer feel healthy munching while having the chips.
  • To embrace their brand story, benefits, and awareness that it's not a "potato chip" within the packaging in the best visible places, use proper bold fonts.
  • The accurate tones, gradients and colours are implemented to give an outlook of a unique product in the market.


The usage of bold fonts and execution of infinity signs in the letters "a" & "b" represents the meaning of the tagline "without a break".

Created the design that gives the customers the emotion of munching by providing a stylish way to symbolize its benefits and origin.

Utilized the spacing properly with catchy placeholders and highlighted proper titles and phrases so that consumers could easily visualize the first look itself.

We have maintained the same continuity in the back of the package. The package's back comprises high information with the brand story, product description, and other details with proper fonts and good shades, making the consumers read it quickly.




waps chips packaging
waps chips packaging design
waps back packaging design

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