Right brand name means half the battle won!

Often underestimated, your brand name has extensive power to determine brand recognition, recall, loyalty, market exposure, credibility and trust in the long run. It is one of the core factors of your entire branding strategy, as it represents your organisation in front of your potential consumers.

Our branding agency have a team of experienced marketing, branding, linguistic, market research and creative individuals that have finally come together to help you with your branding requirements. We have successfully helped countless businesses for over 18 years in various sectors such as FMCG, cosmetics, healthcare, hygiene, beverage, automotive, electronics and more.

Due to our years of expertise, we understand companies' common challenges and concerns in choosing the right product and company names. Since your brand name makes or breaks your company's future, we are here to make your brand memorable and credible in the industry.


  • Trademark
  • Memorable
  • Reflect Brand
  • Identification
  • Easy or Speakable
  • e-Business Ready
  • Emotional Connect
  • Competitive Advantage

Better brands start with meaningful conversations

Brand Consultant

Megha Malik | Co-founder & Brand Consultant


We start with analysing and understanding the nitty gritty about your brand. We conduct internal and external research followed by a comprehensive Project Brief for more profound knowledge. This is how we claim to bring a personalised approach to your branding strategies.

There is always a variety of strategies for company branding and Naming. Every branding strategy and technique differs based on the target audience. Hence, we conduct a thorough analysis to understand your target audiences and plan the next steps accordingly.

Once we have the project brief, we will enlist some potential names that may suit your brand well. Next, we will wait for your feedback regarding the names and work closely with you for revisions if applicable. We encourage actionable feedback to ensure that your brand receives a splendid name that stays in the minds and hearts of your target customers forever!


Brand Strategy

- Brand Purpose
- Brand Vision
- Brand Values
- Target Audience
- Market Analysis
- Brand Story
- Brand Personality
- Brand Voice
- Brand Positioning
- Brand Naming


Brand Marketing

-Website Design
- Space Branding
- Front and Backend Development
- Lead Generation
- Digital Marketing Management
- Promotional Material
- TV Production
- Radio Production
- Print Production
- Video Scripting and Production
- Social Marketing Campaigns
- Content Marketing
- Photography
- Out Door Media Marketing

Why gamble with one of your most essential brand assets?

Our industry experts will be happy to provide a comprehensive service for:

• Company Naming
• Brand Naming
• App Naming
• Product Naming
• Restaurants Naming
• Domain Name

Frequently asked Question

A. A brand name or company name is a name (normally a proper noun) that differentiates it from similar to other brands within the category. It is the main identity of any brand in which it is known forever.

A. Before naming a brand you need to define who you are and characters, define the brand promise, competitors and make your base. You need to brainstorm names and run them through a filter and create a list, then shortlist names that suits better and pick the best out of it.

A. You can define your brand by defining who you are, brand promise, competitors and make your base. You need to brainstorm names and run them through a filter and create a list, then shortlist names that suits better and pick the best out of it.

A. A good brand name is something that should be easy to spell and pronounce, make people to easily remember and recall, meaningful to your segment and product and makes a connection with the target audience.

A. Your brand name is the basic component of your brand that gets into customers mindset. It’s important that the name is distinct, authentic and memorable, so that it reflects with your target audience. It helps in developing a solid brand reputation.


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