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The best food brand is developed by being passionate about correctly combining the right ingredients. Your food and beverages business is considered to be successful when customers identify the brand. Increasing competition has led to massive saturation in the food industry; hence, brands must work hard to create a distinct position in the market. Companies should be innovative enough to adopt changing culture and food branding trends.

Better brands start with meaningful conversations


1. Brand Name and Story

The firm name is the first thing people hear when you tell them about the company. A good brand name can reflect a brand personality that conveys the company's position, values and tone. The brand story is mandated to connect consumers emotionally. Remember, somebody else will shape a brand story if you don't convey it properly.

2. Brand identity

It deals with all visual elements of the brand and creates a distinct image of the brand compared to other competitors. Features such as logos, business cards, envelopes, letterheads, and typography reinforce a brand's reputation.

3. Product shape design

Innovative shapes with value propositions are strategically in demand. It is a product structure design which is a combination of design, technology and business. It includes the complete process from the initial stage to development.

4. Packaging Design

Along with the fundamental property of protecting the product, it should also be eye-catchy and attractive. Type of material, a colour based mostly on food flavours, imagery (ingredients, actual product or values), and typography play an essential role in package design.

5. Retail shelf design

Various brands are available in a retail store on the same shelf where your brand is placed. The retail self-design will distinguish your product; hence, make sure to keep the design relevant yet straightforward and choose vibrant colours and impactful imagery; the visual merchandising will create and separate the brand image.

6. Marketing collaterals

There should be design consistency in brand messaging to increase brand recall among consumers. All the elements of printed or electronic modes of communication used to support the sale of products or services are marketing collaterals. Brochures, flyers, newsletters, and blog posts are a few examples of marketing collaterals.

7. Online marketing

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, mobile, Amazon sales and various online portals, food influencers develop dynamic content which plays a vital role in food branding.

Our contribution to food & beverages sector

We encounter many food and beverage industry owners who want their brand positioning and distinct personality in comparison with competitors. We being the design agency are aware of what it takes to create a unique brand image in the market. Depending upon brand positioning, their value proposition, target market, audience, type of industry and category of the segment, we design their logo, packaging, website and social media campaigning.

It is vital to maintain consistency in overall branding and marketing activities. The factors which play a crucial role in this are a brand story, colour, typography, brand messaging, tagline, values and culture of the organization. The food and beverage industry demands the most innovative driven products; hence, the brand has to be aware of the latest trends and changes in order to gain a competitive advantage. India is a country with only a 10% share in packed food, so there is a massive scope in India compared to western countries.

DesignerPeople have always accepted the challenges which are thrown by different brands and we turn them out as an opportunity for successful outputs. Companies approach us to build their brand identity and gain competitive advantage in market. We conduct competitive and market research before starting any designing, which will help us to gain a competitive advantage. We support the brand in designing the food and beverage packaging in such a way that it is eye-catchy, attractive on retail shelves and functionally balanced. Changing era has mandated companies to accept branding and marketing irrespective of their company size.

Simplicity and clarity is DesignerPeople success mantra for its enormous successful designs.

Food & Beverages Brand design Agency -

DesignerPeople have worked with many established food and beverage brands in India. 200+ products launching every year in food brand industry, we have developed our expertise to cope with in the cut-throat competitive market. With the rich experience and creative knowledge of 18+ years, we have established a sense of trust between the customer and us.

Our passion for rendering creative food and drink branding is derived from our strategic and human-centric approach. We get our kicks from creating irresistible designs that play a crucial role in generating sales for you.

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