Ad Campaigns on the move

Taxi Advertising is one of the most reliable advertisement forms if you want your brand to reach your target audiences' forefront. It makes your brand highly visible and attention-grabbing through captivating vinyl graphics, full body wraps and top lights. With the blend of creativity and technology, you can effectively convey your brand message nationwide and let potential consumers know about you through this exceptionally versatile advertisement!


Auto Ads

How often have you seen auto rikshaws advertising a particular brand on the road? Auto rikshaw advertising is one of the best ways to grab the attention of your potential consumers and brew curiosity about your brand in their minds. Starting from posters and hoardings to attractive banners. With bright and shining creative auto rikshaw advertisements, make your brand stand out in any crowded market and attract all the commuters passing by over time.


Cabs Ads

Cabs are always in constant motion and travel in various parts of the city. This is the best opportunity to make your brand visible to multiple locations within your city and increase your conversions. It significantly contributes to consistent brand visibility and helps retain older customers as they get exposed to your cab ads every time.


Buses Ads

Buses are one of the most common means of transport for everyday commuters. Bus advertisements are the best way to remind potential customers about your brand during their daily schedule. There are various forms of bus advertisements, such as full-wrap advertisements and more.


Metro Ads

Metro train stations, subways or trains are great locations to advertise your brand to local audiences. Metro advertising can significantly help you generate more consumers, especially from urban areas. It is also a great form of advertising if your target audiences are within the millennial or Gen Zage group. This is because they are the ones who use metro trains for their daily travel to their destination.

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₹ .01 Cost / Impression

Unlike traditional advertisements such as television, billboards etc., advertising on taxis or autos is an incredibly less expensive option for your business. If you are a startup looking to boost your brand reach while being easy on your budget, advertising your brand on buses, autos, and taxis is indeed your best investment.

The cost of advertising on buses, taxis and autos depends on your requirements and the goals of your advertising campaign. Irrespective of all the factors, this advertisement is proven to yield long-lasting positive results at a very affordable rate for businesses.

Connect your Brand with Audience in 100+ Cities in India

Make your brand every consumer's favourite PAN-India. With the right strategy and execution using these advertisement methods, you can effectively reach a massive audience base and convert them. By branding on autos, buses, metro trains or taxis, your brand will become visible in front of the everyday commuters who will eventually become your potential customers. Thus, it's time to finally shift from traditional advertisements and invest in ad campaigns on the move. Rest assured, with creativity, you can design some of the most visually appealing and compelling advertisements to boost your brand sales and profit margin in no time!


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