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Social buzz and Google ranking services have turned into key pathways to gain more attention and traffic to the business. Isn't it? We are a reputed digital marketing company that would help you. Want to know how we do this? Our social media marketing services are based on your business end goals. We create and manage top-performing social media campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Plus, and Instagram.

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Case Study


Directed by Tirukalva, Praneeth Manohar Chegu & Prudhvee Chegu is a Private incorporated on 27 July 2017. It is involved in the manufacturing of other food products. It is classified as a Non-government Company and is registered with the Registrar of Companies.


  • To design its complete brand product line and align its design with social media campaigning.
  • To launch the brand on the online platform.
  • Generating leads for the new brand was the most challenging task.
  • Brand strategy of positioning should reflect in social media activities.
  • Develop online brand engagement.


DesignerPeople designed brand Chegu's complete product portfolio and creatively ensured designing aligned with the digital platform. We enhanced their leads so effectively that they gained dealer distribution through social media management. We introduced their effective online presence and increased brand awareness. Customer engagement got increased with our young, dynamic and strategic social media operating team. Much research was executed to gain a competitive advantage for the brand on the digital medium, and accordingly, activities are framed. We analyzed brand positioning that is urban and upgraded, catering young and modern generation. Hence we have generated its online brand strategy keeping positioning in mind.

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Case Study


A spice brand unit of MDH established in 2008, R-Pure Masala is a leading and well-known name in the spice industry, with more than 70 spices in the product line. Mr Rajeev Gulati's vision of taking the brand to the international table has encouraged them to enter the digital platform.


  • R-pure is a unit of MDH, and we had the massive responsibility of staying within its existing heritage of image and identity in the market.
  • Brand presence was available in the traditional market only.
  • No communication with a potential or existing customer base.
  • Brand wanted to establish awareness with the R-pure brand across various social media platforms.


DesignerPeople conducted constructive research on current trends in the spice industry and competitive analysis on Facebook and Instagram. We ensured the brand's productive online presence through Facebook and Instagram. We generated an attractive and creative Facebook cover, the first thing any user will notice and stay tuned for. We creatively developed posts of videos and images and, uploaded them regularly, conducted exciting contests which enhanced customer engagement. Social media helped the brand to measure its loyal customers, and we enhanced brand visibility with our efficient social media team. We ensured campaigning reaches urban prospects and the rural market, whose presence is developing majorly on Facebook. DesignerPeople analyzed brand positioning and created a brand strategy accordingly.

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We help you to build a dealer distributor channel

DesignerPeople uses social media platforms for a unique purpose. You are curious to know what it is. We use it to establish a new dealer distributor or foster relationships with existing ones. We generate more leads for your dealer queries using different social media platforms. Our services have you covered if you want to increase brand awareness for a new product or expand market awareness for existing products. You can reach our experts for specific retail brand promotions.

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Frequently asked Question

A. Social media marketing is the process of connecting with people or target audience with the help of social media platforms to develop your brand, direct website traffic and increase sales. It involves uploading creative posts with catchy content on social media profiles, engaging followers by running contest or other activities and running social media campaigns.

A. According to the latest research, Facebook is considered as one of the most popular platform for social media with active users of more than two billion people using every month. It is followed by YouTube, WhatsApp and Instagram.

A. The major uniqueness about social media marketing is that it has the potentiality to showcase your brand in front of a wide range of people more easily and conveniently. It has the uniqueness to get engage with existing customers and reach out to new ones in any segment supporting their mission and values.

A. You can do a social media marketing by analysing marketing goals and objectives, understanding the audience, develop a quality following, have precise goals and leverage social media campaigns, remain consistent on social media, turn your engagement into revenues and with the help of analytics improve your performance.

A. Social media marketing helps companies to promote their product and services on different platforms and make people familiar with it which leads in buying decision of customers. By showcasing your products, it helps in generating trust among customers, thus building the loyalty of a brand.

A. Social media marketing helps your brand to achieve your branding and marketing goals by implementing social media strategies. It also helps in measuring goals like maintaining and evaluating profiles, posting creative’s, engaging customers thus developing a loyalty on your brand.

A. If done professionally, a proper social media marketing strategy will boost traffic, greater SEO, better conversation rates, enhance brand loyalty, etc. It also helps convey with consumers in a fleeting consumer manner and built visual interaction between products and consumers.

A. Social media marketing helps companies or brands to connect with a wider audience within a limited time and has the potential to influence the people using different strategies. The system has strong analytic tools that gives brands a clear idea on the result of their effort.

A. Any platform that helps to engage people and generate connection in the virtual world can be considered as a social media marketing platform. Though there are more than 200 such platforms in the world, platforms like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are some of the major ones that are used by a huge audience.

A. It depends on your brand and the presence of target audience that determines which platforms to be used for the success of your business. For example, if you are into cosmetic or clothing, the best platforms are Instagram and Facebook as the target audience rely more on these platforms.

What makes our Campaign go viral

Today's technology trends demand every business have the full support of reliable social media marketing solutions to generate more sales exposure and opportunities for your business. Our social media campaigns clearly show how we can improve brand awareness and generate more leads. Our unique combination of customized services is targeted to achieve the same. DesignerPeople are experts in unique and engaging content creation, attractive graphics, and the best utilization of artificial intelligence for a digital marketing campaign that gives you magical results in future. The final objective is to convert your advertising investments into leads that increase sales.


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Leads generated for Dealer / Distributor network

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Increase in Brand Visibility with engaging social media campaigns

7 x

Growth in Sales


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Increase in Brand visibility to Target Audience

10 x

Sales Growth in Desired Demographics

5 x

Growth in Sales


55 Miillions +

Increase in Brand Visibility with engaging social media campaigns

15 x

More engagement with Contest and Giveaways

4 x

Growth in Sales


2500 +

Leads generated for Dealer / Distributor network

12 x

Increase in Brand Visibility with SMM and Influencer marketing

5 x

Growth in Sales


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