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DesignerPeople is synonymous with expertise in thinking big, creative and advanced branding solutions. Our experts help you identify your market needs and challenges and pave the way for branding goals.We stand with you whether you reach us intending to revamp your existing identity or conduct a comprehensive brand exercise. We aim to help you craft the brands that position for a cause and stand out of the crowd.

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Brand Consultant

Megha Malik | Co-founder & Brand Consultant


Winning companies always choose their way out of the traditional path. Abnormal preferred methods make them unique and stand out in the competition. A common fear exists when unusual courses are chosen because people experience new growth levels. As a creative brand consultants, we help you make better decisions through those challenging periods.

Brand consultation is a long-term process aimed at building a brand, de-cluttering the market, and gaining a competitive edge for businesses. As a business owner, you need to take many challenging decisions regarding brand positioning, brand naming & identity creation, brand architecture, and brand development.

As as a branding agency, we stand by you in every stage of framing brand strategy and help you make much better decisions about building and creating a unique image that develops a powerful brand.

Our brand consulting service includes -
- Brand positioning
- Brand name and identity
- Brand architecture
- Brand extension
- Direct Brand Experience - Brand Promotion, Internal & External Branding
- Brand Protection


Brand Strategy

- Brand Purpose
- Brand Vision
- Brand Values
- Target Audience
- Market Analysis
- Brand Story
- Brand Personality
- Brand Voice
- Brand Positioning
- Brand Naming


Brand Marketing

-Website Design
- Space Branding
- Front and Backend Development
- Lead Generation
- Digital Marketing Management
- Promotional Material
- TV Production
- Radio Production
- Print Production
- Video Scripting and Production
- Social Marketing Campaigns
- Content Marketing
- Photography
- Out Door Media Marketing

Team Of Indian Brand

A brand strategy is developed by us, focusing on various aspects like your product capabilities to deliver committed value and your experience, along with analysing customer needs, emotions, and competitor brand positioning. Our strategic branding helps you create loyal customers and brand equity. Building these two aspects allows you to gain that desired competitive edge and increase brand assets.

Our brand consulting includes scrutinising, analysing, and evaluating your products and services brand identity, performance, and brand strategy to offer expert recommendations.

If a company fails to pack and punch, we, as brand consultants, enter the juncture and breathe a new life into it. We improve your brand and help it evolve further by providing an impartial perspective on the pros and cons of your brand. After which, we suggest and implement the right branding solutions that help you transform your fortunes.

Frequently asked Question

A. A brand consultancy or consultant who helps companies or brands to develop, define, point and grow their value in the industry. They helps brand to improve their performance and see it in a new form.

A. A strategic brand consultancy helps to evaluate, appraise and scrutinise brand identity, execution, and strategy of customer’s products and services. They provide specialist recommendations and perceptions into prospects of giving a new life to the brand.


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