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Product Shape Design is an Innovation Strategy

The product design strategy is the combination of design, business and technology. Product Shape Design here includes the full development of a product from the initial stage to manufacturing. An excellent product design characteristics will consist of functionality, maintainability, reliability, quality, simplification, minimum cost and modular design.

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We try to get a structure with the initial assessment by understanding your business requirements. Our assessment is followed by deriving the best-suited solutions for your business that helps you define the goals and outcomes of the site.

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The briefing section is preceded by sketching shapes with multiple aspects on the paper. Every shape we sketch out is derived, focusing on factors like product type and what is its volume and form, state of the product (liquid or solid). For the products that take the liquid form, we work on sketches for bottles, tetra packs, and other feasible shapes.

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3D Rendering

We conduct market research to know what works in the current marketplace. Manual sketches on paper derive real progress when they are taken in professional CAD drawings and 3D models and prototyping. What works The final product is created with the help of our extensive manufacturing vendors.

product 3d render

3d renders

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Points we consider:

Easy to use

The impact of the shape of packaging on consumers affects their decision-making whether to buy it or not. According to a study, the ease of using the product is an essential factor influencing the individual's purchasing habits. Those packages that can be easily carried, used or stored afterwards impress consumers more than those that are difficult to manage.

Who would like to repurchase a package that can't be opened easily? But consumers prefer repurchasing packages that are easy to open and use. So, while designing the shape of your product's box, you must keep this factor in mind and impress your consumers with the right shape!

To impress consumers with the first impression

If you are wondering how can the product's shape impress the customers, then it says a lot about the quality of your product. You can use it to impress your target audience with the first impression. If you use the right shape and size, then it might be advantageous for your product's sales.

To perceive the real value

Both shape and size can build up different opinions about the product in the consumer's mind. Sometimes, small packages with great graphic designs make the consumers think this little product is of high quality and value. Some consumers consider large packages as having a higher value due to the vast quantity. Thus, different shapes and sizes create different perspectives about the product in the mind of consumers. So, keep your product's value and usage in mind while choosing the size and shape.


You can use your product's shape to tell your consumers about the storage options they get. While deciding, you must remember how long it must last in the hands of the consumers. Proper shape and size will offer your product excellent safety so it can be carried to the home, office or anywhere else. People can also store it for future use. For this, suitably shaped packaging is essential.

cosmetics bottle shape design
Moisturiser Bottle Shape

Sculpted for sophistication, our black moisturiser bottle boasts a bold, cutting-edge design that exudes modern masculinity. Its sleek structure merges form and function, delivering a premium grooming experience for men.

cosmetics shampoo bottle shape
Shampoo bottle shape

Experience grooming excellence with our black shampoo bottle for men. The cutting-edge design combines sleek contours and a robust structure, delivering a sophisticated and modern touch to your daily routine.

engine oil can shape design
Engine Oil Can

Engine oil can, inspired by iconic Transformer characters. The can's dynamic shape and vibrant color embody power, performance, and a futuristic automotive experience.

cosmetics crome shape design
Cosmetics Packaging shape

Innovative product shape design for Cosmetics line featuring a rose gold cap and chrome effect. Inspired by premium designer brands, our products exude sophistication, blending luxury and glamour seamlessly.

perfume bottle shape
Perfume Bottle shape

Perfume bottle designed in a heart shape, it's a delightful blend of elegance and youth, tailored for the enchanting teenage target audience.

speaker shape design
Bluetooth & Wireless charging

Experience harmony with our bedside Bluetooth speaker. Its innovative design includes wireless phone charging beneath, ensuring convenience. The music gracefully fades as you drift into dreams, offering a seamless blend of technology and tranquility.

utensils shape design
Spoon & Fork

Elevate your dining experience sustainably with our disposable spoon and fork, crafted from eco-friendly materials. Designed for Australian cloud kitchens, our utensils redefine convenience with style, embracing a greener future.

water bottle shape
Advenkun Water Bottle

Unleash the adventurer in you with our innovative product designed for german brand. A water bottle Crafted for exploration, its innovative design allows you to infuse minerals effortlessly by simply turning the top, ensuring hydration on-the-go.

water bottle shape design
Disposable Mineral Water Bottle

Disposable mineral water bottle designed for a brand based in kashmir. Shaped like majestic mountains to give experience of Himalayan water. Appropriate space for label and branding to Amplify brand positioning.

beer bottle shape
Beer Bottle Shape

Premium beer bottle shape design featuring sleek glass stripes. Elevate your drinking experience and savor the moment with every stylish sip

scotch bottle shape design
Scotch Bottle

Meticulously designed for a premium experience. Glass stripes, a brass metal band, and a matte gloss finish embody sophistication in every pour.

Frequently asked Question

A. The product packaging shape design refers to developing a shape for your packaging based on your product. The product shape design here includes the whole development of the product from the initial stage to manufacturing.

A product packaging shape is a critical way for a brand to differentiate itself because packaging design can affect consumer's buying decisions. The packaging shape can be an essential factor in the differentiation of products among the competition.

A. Product design can be defined as the process of identifying a market opportunity, clearly interpreting the problem, developing a proper solution for that problem and corroborating the solution with real consumers.

The basic steps involved in the product design process are:
● Empathize: It’s vital to assess whether there is a strong demand or need for your product before commencing the design and development process.
● Define: After empathizing, now focus on the core issues and turn them into opportunities by using the definition of the problem statement.
● Ideate: Ideation is a time when team members brainstorm on a range of creative ideas and solutions that address the problem statement.
● Prototype: Once you are satisfied with the solution, you can implement design and prototyping tools to create a clickable prototype.
● Test: Usability testing is an essential part of the design process as it allows us to get feedback from users during the ideation phase before anything gets built.

A. The admiration of shapes has also influenced and evolved the era of packaging design. If you plan to develop a unique shape for your product packaging, you can definitely stand out among your competitors, thus increasing sales. Moreover, various researches have stated that good unpacking experience, usablity and creative shapes helps achieve more revenue, also helps in developing your brand recognition and creates a buzz for your industry.

A. The cost of your product shape depends entirely upon your requirements; the type of product, which packaging needs to be used, the material, etc., will determine the overall cost. Also, there requires a lot of research and back-end operations before executing the designs. To know more, connect us, and we can help you develop your shape for your product packaging.

Does the size and shape of the product matter?

Nowadays, people concentrate more on packaging design to increase their product sales. Packaging with proper shape and size brings success to your product. It's fascinating to know the psychology behind a consumer's decisions while purchasing any product. Isn't it? Their decision is directly dependent on the packaging. It doesn't matter how good the inside product is; when purchasing, people only see the outer cover and make a strong decision whether to buy it or not. As simple tweaks in messaging on the package's shape can make or break your product's sale, it's important to present a product with perfect shape, size and colour. It's undeniable that shape and size matter.

Professional packaging consultation can always help you understand your overall product design and its requirements as per size, shape, colour and many other elements involved.


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