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Does your website need traffic?? No, it needs targeted traffic. You can bring a lot of targeted traffic to your website through PPC advertising. Even new sites get an opportunity to get ranked at the top of the search results with PPC advertising. Pay-per-click advertising complements your website's existing SEO strategies and delivers instant traffic to the website. We help you change your traffic statistics and increase your traffic after launching Google AdWords at the right place and price. We help you to target the right audience by improving the performance of your ads placed with us.

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Our Process For paid campaigns

What steps we follow to make successful campaigns

Does your business allow you to wait six months to see the results? Most of you nod Noooo ! for this. We have the right solution for you through our paid search services. With the paid click services, you will get the customers as quickly as today and optimize your landing pages for higher conversions that pay off exponentially in the long run.

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Keywords Research & Configuration
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Our discussion with you starts with knowing your targeted keywords for the business. Our artificial intelligence systems then analyze your competitor's monthly local & global searches and discover low competition that can be targeted to generate higher business for the website at economical prices. After the list of keywords is finalized for your paid campaign, we start configuring your ad beta version to collect data.

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After the data has poured in - what do we do for you? Our digital experts will pull up their socks and digitalize them manually. We review everything from budget to landing pages which assure you better results. Our revision includes analyzing impressions, bid adjustments, locations, peak hours of the day, negative keywords and every factor that impacts your campaign.

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Your journey with us now starts from good to great. We help you maintain the TLC of your PPC account. Our expert team will help you build successful PPC campaigns in the long run by tracking your high-performance campaigns, building negative keywords pausing keywords with poor performance, optimizing current ads, and making new ads.

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"DesignerPeople focus on delivering quality leads to the customer but not leads," says our digital expert team. We review the quality of the leads generated for the business to capture the exact ROI. We mature your leads through scoring and splitting the lead funnel to maximize yield from high-potential leads and keep the sales team more productive.

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