"Don't be afraid to rebrand your business."

Remember, there is always time to invigorate your brand! We ensure it need not cost the earth or just a vanity exercise but a calculated business decision. Many companies live with an old brand identity for too long due to fear of change or lack of proper guidance, among many other reasons. Trends and customer expectations are changing as lightning strikes, and a brand should be too.

Whether a business requires subtle changes to positioning, wording, brand messaging, logos and styling, or anything that needs to breathe new life into a tired brand identity, we help businesses reflect on where they stand today and where they want to be future. The skills and perspective to not only make the rebranding process inspiring and energising for staff but commercially successful with consumers aligning proven model for success.


Better brands start with meaningful conversations

Brand Consultant

Megha Malik | Co-founder & Brand Consultant


As a creative Branding Agency, DesignerPeople help discovers the most memorable and loved aspects of your brand to build a brand design that will reflect your company's changing positive face.

We are aware of how bad planning in the branding process can cause lasting damage hence connect today to rebranding it the right way.


Brand Strategy

- Brand Purpose
- Brand Vision
- Brand Values
- Target Audience
- Market Analysis
- Brand Story
- Brand Personality
- Brand Voice
- Brand Positioning
- Brand Naming


Brand Marketing

-Website Design
- Space Branding
- Front and Backend Development
- Lead Generation
- Digital Marketing Management
- Promotional Material
- TV Production
- Radio Production
- Print Production
- Video Scripting and Production
- Social Marketing Campaigns
- Content Marketing
- Photography
- Out Door Media Marketing

Why gamble with one of your most essential brand assets?

Don't be tempted to save some bucks by handing over your crucial business assets to cheap agencies or freelancers. Even if you save some money from them, you are putting your business on a toll! Strengthen your foundation with the best professional branding agencies under your budget instead and witness your business transforming exponentially.

Frequently asked Question

A. Rebranding is the phenomenon of substituting the corporate image of an organisation. It usually happens when an organisation changes its logo, tagline, mission, vision, and other branding identities and gives a new look. It helps brands to attract new customers and improve awareness.

A. Rebranding occurs when a company regulates to change a significant element of the brand. Such a change includes a brand name or logo, branding identities, packaging design and other elements such helps in a slight shift in brand communication and develops brand promise.

A. Rebranding impacts a consumer’s perception about a product or service of a company by re-energizing the brand and getting a feel of modernism, making it relevant to customer’s needs.

A. You can do rebranding by understanding the purpose, research your target audience, use positioning and messaging to capture your strategy, develop your brand identity, marketing collateral and building the new brand plan.

A. Rebranding impacts a consumer’s perception about a product or service of a company by re-energizing the brand and getting a feel of modernism, making it relevant to customer’s needs.

A. Yes, if you are upgrading your business to a next level, rebranding is the best option. By redefining you brands mission, vision and values, you can rebrand and execute a new look in the market and to customers.

A. One of the times for you to rebrand is if you’re going through a merger or acquisition. It happens in every brand in one time or other. Sometimes, your branding does not properly represent your products and capabilities, outdated, or don’t meet your target audience, in these cases it is necessary that you need to rebrand.

A. Rebranding is a strategy where you change the corporate identity of an organisation. It is a marketing strategy of providing a new name, logo, symbol or change in the design for an existing brand.

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