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Gone are the days when you could launch a brand with a random name and logo. In this era, there are thousands of brands competing against each other. You must go above and beyond to bring the best experience to your customers. This is where our professional branding agency in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR can help you convey your brand's true personality and essence to the consumers.

Suppose you are launching a new product in a competitive market. In that case, there are very slim chances of success as you will readily find industry leaders being your consumer's trusted and favourite. We understand that your product is innovative and can transform the Indian market. Thus, we aim to deeply understand your upcoming product to develop a compelling and visually appealing brand design.

The right branding strategy can transform your business significantly. Various kinds of branding are available such as Food branding, Spice branding and tea-branding and more. However, every branding strategy hits differently for different types of businesses. With the help of the correct branding elements like colours, typography, brand story, infographic and more, we will work together to make your brand successful in the industry.

Brand Services
We Offered

Brand Strategy

- Brand Purpose
- Brand Vision
- Brand Values
- Target Audience
- Market Analysis
- Brand Story
- Brand Personality
- Brand Voice
- Brand Positioning
- Brand Naming


Brand Marketing

-Website Design
- Space Branding
- Front and Backend Development
- Lead Generation
- Digital Marketing Management
- Promotional Material
- TV Production
- Radio Production
- Print Production
- Video Scripting and Production
- Social Marketing Campaigns
- Content Marketing
- Photography
- Out Door Media Marketing

Better brands start with meaningful conversations

Brand Consultant

Megha Malik | Co-founder & Brand Consultant


This is our bread and butter; hence we have perfected the art.

We have over 19+ years of expertise in creating some of India's most "badiya aur dhamakedar brands" that remain timeless. With decisive solid skills and a problem-solving approach, we focus consistently on making your brand eye-catching, unique and the best in the market! Our collaborative processes start with understanding the potential foyer brand and how we can leverage it in your favour in the Indian market.

Our branding agency experts work in a highly "jugaadu, flexible, collaborative work pattern". We encourage consistent feedback from our clients to bring desired outcomes.

We start with understanding our client's core challenges and pain points. Next, with our vast expertise, we carve personalised branding strategies tailored to business needs.

If you observe our previous clients, we ensure all your target audiences hear and see your brand everywhere. With a consistent and strategic approach, let's work together to make your brand a grand success in the forthcoming months!

Some proven brand
stats for Indian Market


With the right branding strategies and innovative implementation, small businesses in India have witnessed a hike of 60% in the past few year. Brands have realised that branding is no longer a luxury. It is a dire necessity.


According to a recent survey, 82% Business think building consistent brand awareness is the third most integral objective, followed by sales and lead generation.


98% Brand consultants believe that your brand is more than just a company selling products in the market. Ultimately, it is all about how your target consumers perceive your brand.


Your brand & Packaging design have a 80% contribution to generate sales in the market.

MDH Spice Box Packaging Design
Work Done: Icon Design, Packaging Design

Leading Spice Manufacturer

Work Done: Brand Identity, Packaging

Dry Fruits Packaging Design

Haldiram Pouch Packaging Design
Work Done: Packaging Design

Traditional foods Manufacturer, Nagpur - India

myst water design
Work Done: Logo Design, Label Design
Myst Water

Water Bottling Firm, Ghana

cornitos branding case study
Work Done: Brand Campaigns, Packaging Design, Advertising

Healthy Snacks Food Manufacturer, Faridabad - India

zenko snacks food packaging
Work Done: Packaging,Website Design

Healthy Snacks Manufacturer

sf express restaurant branding case study
Work Done: Brand Identity, Space Branding, Packaging

Quick Service Restaurant Chain, Noida, Merrut- India

chips packaging design-1
Work Done: Packaging Design

Chips Packaging, India

lucaffe italian cooffee packaging
Work Done: Packaging Design

Coffee Producer, Italy

Fresca Juice can Packaging Design
Work Done: Packaging Design

Juices Manufacturer, India

romsons medical packaging case study
Work Done: Packaging, Website Design

Disposable Medical Equipments Manufacturer, Delhi - India

Haldirams advertising case study
Work Done: Space Branding, Packaging

Indian Sweets & foods Manufacturer, Delhi - India

onion Oil product Packaging
Work Done: Logo Design, Packaging Design
Bitter Symphonie

Rejuvenating Formula

onion Oil product Packaging
Work Done: Brand Identity, Packaging

Pharmaceutical Company - India

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Frequently asked Question

A. A branding agency is a company that specializes in creating, managing, and promoting the brands of its clients. Often times this includes developing and executing marketing campaigns, designing web and social media assets, as well as setting up brand collateral (such as logos).

A. A branding agency can help a company to create a unique and memorable name, symbol, or design that will represent its brand. This is important not just for the company itself but also for marketing purposes. The brand should be easily identifiable when searching for products or services related to it online, in ads, or on social media platforms.

A.There are many factors that you need to take into account when choosing an agency, including their experience in branding, target market research, and creativity. You should also make sure that the agency has experience in the specific type of brand or product that you're looking for.

A.Brand agency offer top-notch research, identity services, and tactics that a digital marketing company or in-house marketing team cannot. The goal of brand agencies is to reevaluate, reframe, revitalise, and re-engage your stakeholders with your brand.

A.A good brand agency should have a strong understanding of the brand and its target audience. They should be able to create effective marketing plans that reflect the brand's ethos and values.

A.Brands often hire a brand agency to help them with a number of tasks, such as:
- Researching the target audience and developing a strategy for reaching them
- Developing a marketing plan that aligns with the brand's strategy
- Conducting market research and creating surveys
- Preparing media campaigns
- Analyzing data to determine how the brand is performing
- Advising on legal and tax issues

A. Design thinking gives a brand an idea on their problems; it helps identify what customers need, want, and are willing to pay for. If you do professional design thinking, it helps companies to give a new consumer experience.

A. Any product introduced in the market should have a brand name and packaging design to develop an identity in the market. It needs to be created professionally to gain competitive advantage.

A. Brand design is the composition of branding elements like logo, brand manual, brand story, brand identity, packaging design, and other branding elements that helps brand unique and standout in the market.

A. A brand identity is something that indicates who you are, values, how you showcase your product to customers. A brand identity includes logo, colour and brand design that made you identify your product in the customer’s mindset.

A. You need to collect the customer’s brief, have a thorough research, brainstorm ideas, and give the best output that meets the client requirement.

A. Brand design is the composition of branding elements like logo, brand manual, brand story, brand identity, packaging design, and other branding elements that helps brand unique and standout in the market.

A. You can design a brand identity by knowing your base, evaluating your current stage, looking the competitors, make a plan, describe your brief, design your logo, choose the colour palette, typography, additional elements and build your brand guidelines.

Grounded, Affordable Yet Professional Branding Services in Gurgaon

When we talk about branding, there is always a myth connected to it, such as Only big companies can afford to brand. However, it's wrong; the emergence of the digital branding era has facilitated building brands with limited resources, so are the prices of our services today. With the multiple digital solutions, your customers can be targeted in a better way and give the brand high visibility at a fraction of costs compared to conventional methods at DesignerPeople.


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